Are you entitled to Tax Refunds on employment expenses?

If you have to pay for costs relating to your job then you can reclaim the tax on this. For example if you spend £100 per year and you are a basic rate tax payer then you can reclaim £20 per year.

Tax Relief for Tools and protective clothing

If you have to spend your own money on specialist tools and equipment for work then you may qualify to ofset the cost of this against your taxable income. For example Ovealls, Gloves, Boots and Helmets would qualify for the building trade.

Flat Rate allowance on Uniforms for certain trades


If you work in a qualifying trade and you have to pay your own Laundry costs, then you can ofset a fixed rate allowance against your taxable income. To see if your job qualifies see here


Any business travel costs you incur that are not refunded by your employer or are not travel to and from a fixed place of work you can ofset the cost against your taxable income. The most common way to claim for this cost is a via mileage claim.

Other expenses

There are many other expenses that can be ofset against your employment income these can include professional subscriptions, some trade union membership fees and working from home costs.

How to claim your tax refund

We can do this for you, however if your situation is simple such as your only income is 1 job and you don't have to complete a tax return, then you can do this yourself, contact us and we will happily direct you to form P87.