Now accounts software can be accessed via the internet.

This means our clients always have:

  •  Latest versions of software and data
  •  Data always automatically and securely   backed up
  •  Mobile access via apps
  •  Live access for us so that we can help at any time                     

Price options

We are a Sage One re-seller, and as cloud software is of benefit to our clients we pass on discounts we receive.  We offer a 50% discount on all prices for the first 3 months, then after this:

  • Sageone Start - £5 + VAT per month
    (RRP £6+VAT)
  • Sageone Accounting - £10 + VAT per month
    (RRP £20 + VAT)

Contact us for a chat to see which would meet your needs.


Now Sage One has automated Bank Feeds you'll never have to input accounts data again...