Bookkeeping & VAT Returns

We provide a tailored bookkeeping system to meet the needs of your business.  It might be that you have a system where you record all the invoices yourself and then at month end we reconcile your bank or it might be that you want us to input everything for you. 


We are completely flexible and able to fit around you, we can complete the work on your premises or in our office, we can do this weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Kendall Accountancy Services Bookkeeping

Why is keeping bookkeeping records important?

A good bookkeeping system allows you to get an up to date aged Debtors & Creditors report. This means that if you pay someone twice you know about it straight away, or you get a reminder about a customer who has forgotten to pay you.


Why ask us to do this?

Your time is best spent on running your business, therefore handing over all or part of your bookkeeping to us frees you up to spend more time doing what you are best at.


Electronic bookkeeping

All of our bookkeeping records are electronic, meaning that they are safe, secure and instantly updated.  We can also provide you with mobile apps meaning that you can view your records from anywhere with an internet connection and even send an invoice at the click of a button from your tablet or mobile phone.


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